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CORRESPONDENT: In Crimea for First Time Passed International Competition of Quran Experts

03.11.2010 / 886

Today in
Simferopol finished the First International Competition of the Quran Readers which passed from October, 24th, till October, 26th, in the local Islamic Cultural Centre.

The action passed at the initiative of the all-Ukraine Association of Social Organizations "Alraid" in common with the World Islamic Charitable Organization, the World Organization on the Quran Studying, and the Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea.

For participation in the competition to
Ukraine came 34 participants from the CIS countries,
Dagestan, Kazakhstan,
Uzbekistan and
Ukraine, reports e-Crimea.

The contestants showed knowledge of the text of the Quran at the following levels: knowledge by heart of the whole Quran, a half of the Quran, a quarter of the Holy Scripture and last three juz.

Juz - literally in Arabic means "the part", one of approximately equal 30 parts of the Quran.



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