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02.04.2020 / 24

An initial batch of 1000 face fabric face masks was sewn by Muslimahs from WO “Maryam”. As of today, the volunteers finished attaching the elastic bands and packing, and they will be distributed for free from Monday. 

Each mask has two layers of fine cotton; besides, the products are decorated with the logo of “Maryam” and “Mercy for Mankind”; volunteers of the latter will be the ones distributing the masks. With reusability as their advantage, each mask has to be washed in hot water and then ironed for disinfection after each use.

The sewing facility and equipment was provided free of charge by a good-doer, while “Maryam” volunteers worked in shifts, changing one another to avoid both violating self-isolation and pauses in work. Some took the semi-finished masks home to do the job with their personal sewing machines.

Please follow “Maryam” official social media on Facebook and Instagram, for they will post the addresses of their giveaways in the next few days.

The Muslimahs are looking ahead to sewing more masks in order to cover the need of as many citizens of Kyiv as possible.

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