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17.08.2019 / 25

Alraid Islamic Cultural Centres have finished distributing the last meat packages on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.

In total, almost 12 tons (11,750 kg) of meat, lamb and beef, were distributed through Alraid Centres.

Most of the meat was distributed through Kyiv ICC, 4.250 kg (130 rams and 10 bulls). Zaporizhzhia ICC, which is also the coordination centre for Ukraine-controlled Donbas territories, distributed 2,875 kg (75 rams and 10 bulls). Kharkiv ICC was also among the top-3 distributors, with 2000 kg of meat (80 rams).

Many meat packages were distributed in Odesa (1,500 kg, or 60 rams), Vinnytsia (625 kg, or 25 rams) and Dnipro (500 kg, or 20 rams).

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