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05.11.2018 / 71

Provide several dozens of toddlers and young kids with footwear and clothing, treats and food supplies, medication and gifts may at first seem a difficult task. But thanks to  joint efforts of Volunteer Movement “Mariam” and Nenazvani-Nezlamni (SO “International Union of Ukrainian Volunteers” and other persons and companies.

The target was beat: on Saturday, 27 October, the orphanage in Novohrad-Volynskyi (Zhytomyr region) received fruit, candies, cookies, baby formula, gluten-free treats (for kids with allergies), juices, halva, wholegrain cereals, sugar, sunflower oil, nappies, toilet paper, household chemicals, craft materials, 10 pairs of winter footwear and 35 pairs of slippers, medications, and sports equipment (a four-wheeled bike, pullup bars, a ball).

They even brought a washing machine and a food processor, thanks to Yulia Musiienko, Yaroslav Alexandra and AngelADS Company!

But the children were most happy not so much with the presents as with the volunteers personal attention, games with animators and face painting.

On their Facebook page, the Muslimahs from the Volunteers Movement “Mariam” thanked everyone who participated and helped, both by collecting the necessary items, raising funds, and volunteering, by name. They also thanked the orphanage’s administration, who, despite all the hardships, give their hearts to the little pupils and do everything to provide the little orphans with everything necessary.

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