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«And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah, and be not divided among yourselv» (Quran, 3:103)

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14.11.2015 / 672

All-Ukrainian Association of Sociial Organisation "Alraid" strongly condemns the terrorist attacks and acts of brutal intimidation witnessed by the French capital on Friday night (13 November), resulting in a large number of innocent victims. Once more, blind terrorism has shown its ugly face, in acts of random killing and hostage-taking targeting innocent people in public places, and quite grave attacks that spread fear and panic in society.

As successive reports from the ground describe the scale of events, then quite emphatically, this is a moment to display cohesion, mutual solidarity, and national unity, in confronting these threats that cannot be met with underestimated. 

Ukrainians stand, in these days, from the depths of their heart, alongside the people of France, wishing for them the return of security and peace of mind, with confidence in their ability to overcome this ordeal, and remain unified in the face of this difficult situation, capably and wisely.

Muslims of Ukraine offer their sincere condolences and sympathy to the families of the victims, and asks God, the Almighty, to grant speedy recovery to the injured and wounded..

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