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«And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah, and be not divided among yourselv» (Quran, 3:103)

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01.06.2015 / 1068

Youth International School For Islamic Studies will be held in Kyiv once again (due to the continued Russian occupation of Crimea). Current topic is “Modern Tendencies in Islamic World: Search for Identity, Dialogue, Conflicts, Extremism”. The organisators are planning to get a deep insight in the matters of interfaith dialogue, solving conflicts between people of different religions and confessions, productive cooperation between Muslims and with people of other religions, cooperation with the governing bodies, and maintaining the Muslims’ religious and cultural identity in terms of globalisation. Besides attending lectures, making reports and participating in discussions, young Islamic researchers will also meet some representatives of Islamic Religious and Social Organisations and take part in Islamic-related intellectual games and excursions.

The School will be held on July 20-24 at f Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre (25a Dehtyarivsk’ka Str.)

In order to participate, you need to e-mail your thesis and a freeform application to by June 20, 2015 (indicating the title of your report, author’s full name, science degree or rank, title of University, Organisation or Institute, position, and some contact information, i.e. address, cell, business phone number, e-mail, topic of the report — if the participant is willing to publish their report). Please indicate “School of Islamic Studies” as the title of your e-mail. For further information please dial: +38-066-274-56-10 (Mr. Ruslan Halikov).

As the seats are limited, the facilitators reserve the right of hold a competitive selection of people willing to participate in the School of Islamic Studies. A digest of the participants’ reports “Al-Qalam #5” will be published after the School is over.

Typescript requirements are standard: the thesis must contain  author’s (authors’) full name (names) and a title written either in Ukrainian or in the language used in it.. Text size is limited to 20,000 characters (including author’s data, title and list of references), font Times New Roman, size 14, spacing 1.5. The list of references is indicated at the end of thesis in rank order (square brackets) with indicating the page after a comma (i.e. [4, p.5]) in the language of manuscript.

Please note that June 20, 2015 in the deadline for sending your thesis!

It bears reminding that the Youth International School For Islamic Studies is meant to strengthen the native Islamic Studies and help the young researchers gain a deep systemic knowledge of Islam and Islamic Studies, Islamic Theology and Philosophy, along with current state of Islamic religion both in Ukraine and worldwide.

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