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«And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah, and be not divided among yourselv» (Quran, 3:103)

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04.06.2014 / 992

“You need to take care of the baby’s happy childhood even before it was born,” — the main motto of the women’s seminar devoted to  International Day for Protection of Children read. The event at the Kharkiv Islamic Cultural Centre was meant to remind everyone that lack of respect for the children and their fundamental rights and freedoms makes developing a better society based on principles of humanity, justice, responsibility and kindness impossible.

Parent’s responsibility for their child begins even before it was conceived — by choosing a proper spouse from whom the child will not only inherit a set of genes and physical peculiarities, but also pick up their moral characteristics as well. The baby starts learning the world from the cradle, and picks up the behaviour of the closest surrounding. Care for the future mother is also extremely important, as her health, both physical and emotional, and the food she eats have an immediate impact on the fetus growing inside her.

It’s important to shield the future mother from the worries about the sex of the baby, as giving birth to daughters and raising them well can be the reason for their Father entering Paradise.

Upbringing begins from the cradle after the baby is born, by the parent's personal pattern and soft prompting. Here the Mother usually has more responsibility than the father, as it’s her whom the little children spend most of their time with. For that reason, it’s mostly the mother’s merit if the child knows everyday aspects of their religion. It’s very important that the child receives the religious knowledge in a readily understandable format, as in this case little people will learn them along with other information about the world around and it won’t be a difficulty.

And, of course, one needs to mention the importance of such aspects and physical and sex education. Physical education improves the immunity and endurance, and sex education strengthens one’s morals and safeguards from problems resulting from the ignorance in the field of reproductive health.

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