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10.04.2013 / 992

Meat of animals slaughtered by Shariah norms will be easier available, as from now on it is distributed by the retail net “ASHAN”. Cooled beef in vacuum package can be found on meat counters of “ASHAN” hypermarkets.

Cooled halal beef is available in 1.5 kg and 2.0 kg packages in the capital (Kiev) and other Ukrainian regions.

Note that since March 19, 2013, halal beef produced by “Kozyatin meat processing plant” has been for sale in hypermarkets “METRO” which administration cared to stock it in separate refrigerators. “Kozyatin meat processing plant”, the largest beef producer in Ukraine, launched production of meat by Shariah norms, to attract Ukrainian Muslim as its clients and make halal beef easier available.

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