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Children’s Summer Camp Ended With “Chocolate Treasure” Hunt

12.06.2015 / 2035

Facilitators of Children’s Summer Camp At Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre do their best to make the camp interesting for its constant participants each year. The programme is scheduled for each camp. Besides, new scenarios of opening and closing ceremonies are written each year, and the adults are eager to cope with additional work just to make sure that no one has that “deja vu” feeling.

Camp-2015 was no exception. The master-classes were different; children visited new places, hosted a party for internally displaced kids… And the closing ceremony was mostly about the quest, which was the treasure hunt!

nobody remained without “chocolate gold”, as the facilitators had 4 pots of chocolate coins hidden in advance — one for each team.

Besides, they handed certificates of gratitude and small gifts to the tutors, and a special “tutor’s helper” award to the children who were the most helpful in organizing their peers. “The best squad” award was given to the squad that never ever broke any rules, and demonstrated the most friendly environment and splendid teamwork.


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