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Children’s Summer Camp Launched At Kyiv ICC

02.06.2015 / 1997

A solemn opening of the Children’s Summer Camp, held at Kyiv ICC during June 1 — June 9, 2015, took place yesterday. 46 participants aged 6 to 13 were present at the ceremony; the administration, however, expect some more freshmen today.

After the celebratory assembly, informative lectures on religion followed by cartoons and slideshow, making bracelets that mark each squad, master-classes on pottery and applications.

The facilitators offer interesting daily programme for each child (from 11:30 AM to 6 PM), along with full meals: dinner (first and main course) and afternoon snack (fruit and  juice).

The kids are to learn and do something new every day. Today, for instance, they are to plant flowers to flower bed — the very same event the little gardeners enjoyed so much last year; excursion to the “Town of Professions” is scheduled on Thursday, and next week they are to visit the zoo, have a quest and participate in a charity fair.


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