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FEMYSO Executives Arrive to Ukraine

24.06.2019 / 102

On 20 June, the international team of FEMYSO (Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations) Executive Board gathered at Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre in order to achieve a threefold goal, namely to have a meeting with people from their member organisation Alraid, to give a two-day training on carrying our events and on productivity for the local activists, and to have a live session among themselves - as all the member of the FEMYSO executive board live in different countries and they try to hold an offline meeting and discussion of their current and future projects at least every second month.

In 2019, FEMYSO started reforming its interaction protocols: they want to have more events with and for their member organisations, as well as to add more get-together events for the member organisations so that they could exchange experiences, ideas and plans, and cooperate in implementing some projects.

Alraid has been a member of FEMYSO for over a decade by now, making Ukraine the only post-Soviet country represented in the Forum. In order to become a FEMYSO member, a social organisation must meet certain criteria, including successful operation over at least several years and a nationwide status.


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