Alra’id opened a rehabilitation centre and vocational training

02.03.2008 / 840

In supporting and supervision by the Islamic Bank for Development and union of the social organizations in Ukraine "pioneer", and in the ninth on Friday Simfiropel city in the Crima peninsula in southern Ukraine, Alra’ad opening ceremony of centre for rehabilitation and vocational training, which consider the third Islamic Union in the province, includes hundreds of thousands of Muslim Tatars in addition to tens of thousands of Muslim nations and other nationalities.

The opening ceremony was attended by a number of political, scientific and religious figures in the region, the foremost among whom is Mr. Ramzey Khawaja vice-representative of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, Mr. Amir Ali Ablaev mufti of the Crimea and Vice-Minister of Culture, Mr. Zatov Ismeet, and attended by hundreds of Muslim inhabitants to share in opening their new status.

Dr. Basil Marii- Vice President of the Union- emphasized on the role of mosques and Islamic centers in spreading Islam, also corrected and support linkages between Muslims, he thanked in his name all one in Islamic Development Bank for their supporting to establish this new edifice, and also thanked the authorities of Crimea, which helped to create it.

Mr. Khawaja vice representative of the Ukrainian president expressed through his words deep thanks on the achievements of the over ten years, which is in the interests of the community and the Ukrainian, he expressed his gratitude , aspirations-time activity and the effectiveness, to more progress and contribution.

Mufti Crimea Mr. Amir Ablaev thanked the Alra’ad for his support for the Muslims in Ukraine and the Crimea region, expressed his happiness and pride in cooperation and coordination with the him since its inception in everything that serves the Muslim minorities in their own interest as well.

This Centre the first of its kind for Muslims and the population of Crimea, and includes a number of sections, such physical , computer art cooking , sewing, hairdressing , teaching, and other various sections, on each section about 100 people.

It also includes a huge Hall for lectures and conferences that are usually held extensively in the region, and discuss a various scientific, religious and others issues.

The mosque with a capacity 500 prayer, one of the most important sections of the Centre, which included a special section for women and is equipped with the latest audio equipment, which is accepted by the Muslims of the city and its environs Simfiropl to perform prayers five and prayers Friday and holidays.

iifso - Keaf (Muhammed Safwan Golaaq)


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