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Opening a school to teach Arabic for Ukrainian

27.01.2008 / 785

The Israa Social Association that belongs to the Federation of social organizations "Al-Ra'd" in Ukraine opened a school to teach Arabic-speaking for Non-Arabs in Vinnitsa city, during an opening ceremony organized by the association in January this year.

Among the attendance was the Islamic Cultural Center , the Israa association and team of teaching who will teach Arabic and Islamic culture in the school.

Opening of the school came after the media campaign in the Vinnitsa city, which was by members of Association and led to positive results from a good presence of Ukrainian wishing to learn the Arabic language and culture of Eastern.

Association Chairman – Sa'ad Eddin Awad – welcomed the delegations of students and show activities of association and Islamic Center in the city, which includes attention and serving sons of the Arab and Islamic communities in the city, as well as positive and constructive communication with the Ukrainian society, and presented aspects of the magic , richness and beauty of the Arabic language.

Noteworthy that about 40 schools affiliated to the Federation spread throughout Ukrainian cities, and consider as an important means to define Ukrainian Arabic language, civilization and culture of Islam, it is still a reason to embrace many in Islam annually.


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