A civilizational dialogue in the Crimea .. round table

23.02.2008 / 876

Sponsored by the Federation of Social Organizations in Ukraine "Alraid", in cooperation with the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, held in the territory of Crimea peninsula works of the round table attended by a number of scientists and men of intellect and culture in Ukraine, and arrival of nine universities, in addition to representing a presidential Ukrainian official interested in the activities of the event.

Inaugurated the table works Professor Alexander Lalić director Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, and thanked in his opening remarks to the establishment of such joint activities with the scientific, cultural, literary competent in Ukraine which serve the community.

Alexander also welcomed the attendees coming from other cities, thanking them also participate in the proceedings and the table

Enriching the reconciliation and understanding

Mr. Ramsey Khawaja - deputy representative of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko - gave in his word sincere thanks and appreciation to the efforts of Alraid and his family during several years ago in Ukraine, and stressed on the importance of holding such these meetings interviews to promote harmony and peace in society.

Then, the Vice-President of the Federation (Alraid) and Director of Islamic Cultural Centre in the city of Kharkov Dr. Shadi Osman a speech in which thanked scientists to attend events table, and said: "Alraid always concerned to consolidate the spirit of peaceful coexistence among all nationalities, cultures and religions inhabiting the territory of Crimea, Ukraine, and this of the most important objectives of such activities, which is today at this table”. Mr. Haider Polatv vice - Minister of religions in the Crimea on the importance of holding such renewed meeting periodically, which goes to the goal of peaceful coexistence in Ukrainian society.

Points of debate

Works started and covered a number of themes, the most important:

1 - The date of the peoples inhabiting the Crimean peninsula. 2 - Acquaintance of the other and exchange cultural and civilization among all nationalities. 3 - Islam and regulate the relationship between the various nationalities and peoples.

A number of scientists, intellectuals and researchers reviewed numerous studies through the history of the peoples who lived and still live in the Crimean southern Ukraine, cultural diversity and cultural heritage posed by the ethnic and religious diversity in the region, also dealt with a number of them to Islam, the role and mechanism in controlling , organizing and coordinating relations between the people of Muslim Tatars with others.

Alra’ad’s Suggestions

Table works goes to many results in a number of recommendations, most importantly:

1 - The need to identify the cultures, nationalities and religions in order to deepen the concept of civilized dialogue, which is inherent in the future of the Crimean multispectral. 2 - Communication between the scientists and decision makers. 3 – Respecting the other in its point of view and religious belief.

In the end Dr. Mohamed Taha Director of Alraid thanked the audience for their presence and participation in the activities of the table dialogue and put on the scholars , thinkers and intellectuals attending a pioneering idea: - Meeting collect to scientists of Crimea, in a celebration of Ukrainian for science and scientists. This is an idea as a first step towards the establishment of scientists Club Crimea.

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