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“Female Arab Banderites” To The Rescue: Supplies For ATO Warriors

25.03.2015 / 1466

A group of young ladies of Arabic origin who study at Kharkiv Universities visited the “Southern Post” and brought along some treats for the warriors from the ATO zone who defend Ukraine. This visit resulted in lots of positive emotions for both the girls and local volunteers.

“We weren’t the first Muslim women from Kharkiv Islamic Cultural Centre who decided to make input in that project; local Muslim women constantly collect and send aid there and called on us to come along,” — Ms.Hamida Taher, an initiator, says. — “But we limited our participation earlier to only donating money, as we were afraid for some reason how people will take us, foreigners whose Russian is poor (not to mention Ukrainian) — will they be happy to have our input or just ask us to go away?”

FInally, the girls got on the edge on doing it: a group of four contacted the volunteering centre in order to learn what was needed, and went shopping: “We bought towels, toothpaste and toothbrushes, drinking water, coffee, tea, paper cups and cookies — everything they ordered, and delivered it to the volunteering group’s office.

They were so happy to see us, and we were so glad to get such a warm welcome! Now, when we know for sure that all our fears were idle, we’re planning to come again and take more of our folk along!”

The volunteers were also glad of meeting the girls: “Wonderful girls visited the #SouthernPost on Saturday and brought aid from “Al-Manar” Islamic Cultural Centre (Kharkiv,; they brought along towels, drinking water and many other useful things for our warriors. It was such a pleasant surprise! This is another proof that our country is multi-ethnic; our people are open for mutual support, help and making something good together! Ukraine is our common home! Thank you! You’re wonderful!” — the group’s status on Facebook reads.


The “Southern Post” group was created in order to unite Kharkivites in helping fighters from the military action ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) zone, who are in transit through “Kharkiv-Pasazhyrski” Railway Station, and also the servicemen needing help.

The Post’s volunteers provide every possible assistance to the fighters 24/7: feed them and offer hot drinks, charge their cell phones, provide elementary medical aid, help buying tickets and solving their everyday needs, packing them takeaway lunch boxes and see them to the train — in general, they do everything for the soldiers to make them feel needed, important, and most of all — at home.

The Post is situated at Southern Railway Station of Kharkiv (3 floor, hall of the “Express” Hotel) and can be easily found by following the signs, passing the pre-order cash offices right to the end of the hall and then coming upstairs.

Contact numbers of the volunteering station are +38-063-202-43-71, +38-097-276-64-81


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