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“Kids Deserve All The Best”: “Al-Muskaqbal” Volunteers Continue Helping Kids’ Hospital

26.02.2015 / 1132

Social Organisation “Al-Mustaqbal” continues helping Children Hospital #6 of Dnipropetrovsk, purchasing medical equipment for it as possible. This time, they purchased a Little Doctor Compressor Inhaler LD-210C and a model 7E-A Medical suction apparatus „BIOMED”. Mr.Issa Shafut, deputy Head of “Al-Mustaqbal” delivered the presents in person along with the local ICC mosque Imam Mr.Edgar Devlikamov.

The “Al-Mustaqbal” volunteers started helping Hospital #6 several years ago when several parishioners from the mosque, medical students, worked as interns at the Hospital. THey not only gained practical knowledge but also watched the conditions where their experienced colleagues worked and couldn’t but see the lack of medical equipment. The students shared their observations with their fellows at the mosque, and made a joint decision to help. The problem was appreciated not only be medical students, but by future economists and architects as well.

Mr.Yuri Bolbot, Dean at the Faculty of International Students at Dnipropetrovs Medical Academy (about 1000 international students are educated there) welcomes his fosterlings’ participation in social organisations and communities, and “Al-Mustaqbal” has always been on a good record with the Academy Administration.

The medical workers were happy to receive such presents: the Compressor Inhaler allows to deliver the medicine straight to the focus of disease and provide more fast and effecting treatment of Allergic reactions, diseases of upper respiratory airway and asthma. This model has low noise level, which facilitates medical assistance to little patients: babies and toddlers are often scared by noisy machines.

Medical suction apparatus are mostly used for draining and removing pus, blood, sputum, mucus during clinical procedures and operative treatment. This model also has low noise level.


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