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“Farewell, School!”-III: Ukrainian Islamic Researchers Are Leaving After The 5-Day Joint Work

09.08.2014 / 1465
III International Youth School For Islamic Studies was accomplished by handling certificates and present and a joint meal. Everyone received a flash-drive with the “Islam in ukraine” logo, a copy of  the fresh edition “Al-Qalam #3”, containing works of the young Islamic researchers, and could also pick the free editions concerning the topic of discussion. The participants left for an excursion, while the facilitators have left to take care of the guests’ supper and comfort up to their departure late in the evening.
Besides the theory, practical issues were discussed as well, such as current situation in Ukraine as a whole (and Crimea in particular), Israeli aggressive policy towards Palestinians in Gaza, “Arab spring” and Ukraine’s Middle Eastern policy.
The programme was aligned to first of all broaden the participants’ perspectives, as they not only made their presentations and discussed them with the other researchers, but also listened to people with a degree in Shariah, such as Mufti of RAMU “Umma” Mr.Said Ismagilov and Master of Shariah Mr.Seiran Arifov; accomplished researchers such as Mr.Yuri Kochubey (who during his long and productive career managed to be Ukraine’s permanent representative in UNESCO Office and specialized institution of UN in Geneva, and Ukrainian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in French Republic, and oriental studies researcher as well) and Dr.Vyacheslav Shved, leading researcher of the Institute for World Economy and International Relations of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine, Director of the Dept. of Near East Affairs at Ukraine's National Institute for Strategic Studies, Vice-President of the “Ukrainian Centre For Islamic Studies” NGO; journalists Mr.Yuri Kosenko (Ukraine) and Ms.Rayana Volha Chernykh (Belarus); public activists.
Such programme facilitated a maximum comfort for communication and discussing different ideas, exchanging thoughts and life experience. The discussions were sometimes hot and not always resulted in some kind of analytical remarks,  — but they definitely sow the seeds of new ideas and views on some or other situation that can bring fruit in academic work or social initiatives in the future.
We wish all the participants future success along the path they chose, and, God willing, wait to see everyone interested on the sessions of the IV  International Youth School For Islamic Studies next year!


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