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More Than 70% Of Child Oncology Patients Have Hope For Recovery

21.02.2014 / 906

Odessa Social Organisation “Al-Masar” took part in the charity event “There Is Hope”, organized by the Charity Fund “Parus Nadezhdy (Sales of hope)” on February 15, on the occasion of the World Child Oncology Patient’s Day. The facilitators and the participants wanted to draw public attention to the problem of children’s oncology, and also give support, both financial and moral, to the patients of Odessa Region Children’s Clinic.

It took only three hours to raise more than UAH 13.000 - twice more than last year.

The volunteers thank each of non-indifferent people who joined their efforts in order to support the families of children with oncology in their hard times, and give these children a chance to overcome the illness.

310 children aged 3 months to 18 years are registered within the Odessa Region Oncology Service at the moment. Depending on the type of illness, more than 70% (50% to 95%) of them have chances for full recovery, if granted adequate modern diagnostics and therapy.


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