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One Becomes A Better Person When He Cares For Cognates, Neighbours And Compatriots

15.11.2013 / 858

It’s hard to stay impartial when you see a disabled person and not to think about their need both in everyday and friendly support. For that reason the activists of Odessa social organisation “Al-Masar” attended the working section of Ukrainian Society of Blind People (USBP) educational and manufacturing group on the International Day of the Blind (November 13).

This date is important not only for blind people, but also for every good citizen to raise awareness of the situation of large number of blind people who need friendly relations and support.

This is the third time the “Al-Masar” volunteers pay visit to the educational and working section situated at 21 Varnenska Str, and every time they brought presents. This time they came with women’s suits and body hygiene kits.

“We believe that everyone must care for these people or at least help them from time to time. To be more accurate, we need them more than they need us, as one becomes a better person when he cares for cognates, neighbours and compatriots. Such acts bring us closer to God,” - the Head of “Al-Masar”, Mr. Gazi Mustafa, said.

The Muslim activists were glad to see the factory floor conditions improved: the new administration found sponsors who got themselves interested in blind people’s problems.

We can say that the relations between Muslim Activists and the manufacture workers are friendly, and this friendship grows more and more stronger.


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