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Kyiv Blood Centre Sent a “Thank You Letter” for “Become a Donor!” Blood Donorship Benefit Facilitators (PHOTO)

24.09.2013 / 2369

The “An-Noor” Social Organisaton received a “Thank You Letter” from Kyiv City Blood Centre for facilitating “Become a Donor!” blood donor benefit for the second year in line. Both staff and visitors of Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre donated their blood on a free-of-charge basis.

The document signed and sealed by the Chief Physician Lyudmila Zanevs’ka read that the medical team hoped for further effective cooperation: “we want to believe that such benefits will become a good tradition and are to be held regularly in order to save as many lives as possible, as there are many people in critical need for donors’ blood and blood products.”

It bears reminding that  “Become a Donor!” blood donor benefit took place at Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre on August 30 this year. After receiving information on critical lack of donors in Ukraine SO “An-Noor” (as a part of AUASO “Alraid”) and RAMU “Umma” made a joint decision to do their best for improving the situation.

While preparing for the event, the new edition of the the “Recommendations and Contraindications” brochure for donors was printed (in Russian). Everyone could either download a copy from the Internet or get a free hard copy at Kyiv ICC.

Our first blood donorship benefit took place on August 31, 2012 at Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre. The doctors of Kyiv City Blood Centre told us afterwards that the Muslims’ input was really on time, as not many of even those little existing quantity of donors come to donate in August. For that reason we decided to repeat the event in August, too.

Besides, we had another good reason for choosing this date, as it was held after the Holy Month of Ramadan was over and the believers’ blood is purified by fasting.


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