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Muslims Of Krasnosel’skoe Can Pray At Their Own Mosque Now (Photos)

18.11.2013 / 920

Muslims of Krasnosel’skoe village (Chernomorskiy district, Crimea) don’t have to pray at the former village store they bought. An opening ceremony of a new mosque, built with the assistance of AUASO “Alraid”, was held on November 15.

“Such event has to unite all Muslims, make us a solid community” - Mr. Esadullah Bairov, the representative of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea, said. He also thanked everyone who had taken part in building the mosque.

Mr. Ali Muhammad Taha, Head of AUASO “Alraid” Crimean Office, noted that this was the first time during their work in Crimea when they found a sponsor for building a new mosque so fast. “Bayt-az-Zakat” from the State of Kuwait offered to pay all the expenses only three months after the village inhabitants approached “Alraid” with their problem. The new mosque with a capacity of 100 people at a time was built in in a year.

Ali Muhammad Taha also presented the local Muslim community with 5 copies of the Holy Qur’an, and the local community presented him with a Crimean Tatar national man’s hat - kalpak.

There were other special guests at the event, namely deputy head of Mejlis Mr. Zaur Smirnov, head of local community Remzi Bulatov, Chernomorskii distrikt imam Mr. Liuman Abduramanov, and, of course, people from the village.

Mr. Smirnov presented the new mosque with two decorative plates with calligraphies “Allah” and “Muhammad” on them.

After the ceremony the people of the village performed their first Friday prayer at their new mosque, and then everybody was welcome to join the dinner where pilaw and sweets were served.

Notable that this mosque is one of the three functioning mosques in the district; and the first one built by the AUASO “Alraid ”in the district.


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