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“Alraid” Children’s Clubs Get Open For The New School Year (FOTO)

13.09.2013 / 1053

Children's Sunday  Clubs traditionally start functioning within the “Alraid” Islamic Cultural Centres as the autumn comes. For example, three opening ceremonies took place at the local ICCs in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Simferopol. Luhans’k ICC decided to launch the Children’s Club in advance, right after Ramadan was over; at the same time, Donetsk and Odessa Children’s Clubs are reportedly to be open at local ICCs in October.

Anybody who wants their children to join the Clubs are welcome to register them at their local ICC.

Besides lessons of Qur’an and Arabic, the programme also includes entertainment, sport games and exercising, excursions and industrial arts. Young Muslims can also take Islamic Ethics discipline with a thrust on situations the schoolchildren are potentially involved in. This, in particular, includes engagement and interaction with classmates and teachers. Young Muslims must remember that the anxiety for knowledge was encouraged by Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, himself, and there’s a lot of hadith on that issue. Besides, the children must remember that their behavior is the factor influencing other kids’ opinion on Islam as their religion.

This year, every Children’s Club participant will also receive a free set of stylish Islamic-ornamented exercise-books and schedule of lessons printed by AUASO “Alraid” earlier this month.


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