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Third Family Celebrates Housewarming in a Bestowed House in Rykove

04.06.2020 / 4

On 1 June, the International Children’s Day, another needy Muslim family improved their standards of living significantly: they were handed the keys to their own house in Rykove village of Kherson region. The fundraiser was run by RAMU “Umma” and Association “Alraid”.

The volunteers' attention to the misery of the family was drawn during distribution of grocery packs in Ramadan. Luckily, Novooleksiivka imam Usein Tohlu diligently takes care of his parishioners from both the town and surrounding villages, and knows the families in need to lead the charities there.

While visiting this family, the guests noted the dilapidating half dugout, looking more like a shed in an abandoned community farm. It was home for four minors, in particular. The family is supported by just the granny: one of her three children, a daughter, has disability after a traffic accident, and since then the old Liutfiye-apa takes care of her and four minor grandchildren from that daughter: Susanna, Iskander, Ilias and Ali. The family’s social payments and odd jobs hardly cover their everyday needs and they are not enough to at least refurbish the current dwelling, not to mention affording something better. Far less a home of their own.

While searching for options of a better home for the family, the guests learned that one of the grandchildren, Ilias,  would have his 8th birthday on 1 June, the International Children’s Day, so they saved the date for a housewarming party.

The house they bought only needed some face-lifting, so volunteers, headed by Liutfiye-apa herself, got to work. Very soon both the house and the yard were good as new, and ready for moving in. The birthday boy was symbolically handed the key.

The family’s new house has 15 decares of adjoining land, so they can plant a small vegetable garden, or build a greenhouse like their neighbours’. They have their own supply of drinking water, too, from a well in their yard.

While the kids happily researched their new home and yard, their granny thanked God and the good-doers: “I thank Allah and every person for helping us! May God bless you all and give you health! Thank you for coming, seeing our struggles and helping us!”

Imam Usein Tohlu and members of Kherson regional Crimean Tatar Meclis Mr.Hasrullah Seidaliiev and Ms.Guslum Kurtalieva also thanked the good-doers involved in the project.


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