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After visiting Korostyshiv foster home volunteers from Maryam Movement are already preparing for another trip to Novohrad-Volynskyi shelter

02.10.2018 / 41

Less than a week passed after the previous trip to Korostyshiv foster home, initiated by the Maryam volunteer movement, and activists are already gathering all those who want to visit the orphanage in Novohrad-Volynskyi on October 27and all necessary t hings.

The visit began, by tradition, with the live performance of the Ukrainian national anthem and the anthem of the Crimean Tatar people. As always, the guests brought gifts, goodies, workshops, necessary cloth and medicines.

These visits include one more tradition - the joint cooking of pilaf for everybody, but this time they decided to break this tradition and to hold a master class on doner kebab cooking. Everyone tasted his /her own hand-made portion and someone even more than one. The volunteers took the recipe home, gladdened the families. The second master class organized by volunteers for children from this foster home was baking the croissants.

The guests held a scientific show for children, taught them how to decorate skin with henna patterns, and made beautiful hair styles for girls, which the young ladies were enchanted by.

Volunteers of the Maryam Movement told on their Facebook page that because of their regular visits, children already knew each of them by name and had common memories with them - that is very important for their socialization outside the orphanage. In the same post, they thanked everyone who joined the trip, who collected funds, things - they addressed each person personally.

“You are the best! You make this world kinder and happier! Thank you so much!” - summed up the organizers.


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