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Sharing Festive Mood With Vinnytsia’s Little Oncology Patients

06.09.2017 / 1501

Parishioners of Vinnytsia Islamic Cultural Centre never failed to keep the Vinnytsia Regional Children’s Hospital’s little oncology patients in mind while organising a fest for their little brothers and sisters in faith. With a clear understanding that those little kids were literally incarcerated by their severe illness and that some new positive impressions and a bit of festive mood will do anything but harm, the volunteers went to see them, bringing along 50 gift packs and a team of animators.

Muslim volunteers made their rounds across about 20 wards with 2 to 3 little patients in each. “But what about the parents?” —you may ask. “Didn’t they object?”

On the contrary, the parents thanked the guests who came to entertain their little ones, and even joined the games proposed by animators to much of their kids’ delight.

Those children who were allowed to leave their wards gathered at the event hall, where they played, had fun, and had their skin decorated with mehendi.

It’s safe to say that the mission on sharing the positive emotions with the little patience has been successfully completed. We thank everyone who volunteered and did their best to make that happen!



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