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“It’d be Great to Make Such Camp for Parents!”

13.08.2017 / 1528

Another children’s summer camp “Druzhba” (Ukr “Friendship”) is over, and today the relatives received at their local railway stations the participants whose ride was the longest. The kids make a pother of their experiences.

“Heartfelt thanks to all the organizers and the camp counselors! Our kids are happy and full of positive emotions!” writes Ann, one of the mothers, in a camp coordination group on one of the social media.

“We are happy that you are happy! God willing, the children will practice at home what they’ve learned at the camp!” replies Maria Gudz, one of the camp counselors.

One of the fathers decided not to waste a single minute and, being manly practical, asked to submit his daughter for the next year’s camp - why wait if the kid was soooo excited?

Another mum named Dana said that her child was all steamed up about his trip, and his knowledge of peculiarities of the religious practice (like knowing how to make ablution with only a glass of water, or even no water at all) was a pleasant surprise for both of his parents. “It’d be great to make such camp for the parents,” she says.

Indeed, many of the parents would be happy to have the same experience, see the same beautiful sights and visit the same interesting locations. And, of course, they give proper respect to the professionalism, involvement and dedication of the teachers and the camp counselors, who not only taught the kids and kept them from getting into trouble, but also kept friendly and happy environment. Nobody felt misplaced, and every pupil always got a piece of advice on solving their controversies in terms of the high morals.


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