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Zaporizhzhya Medical Students Learn About Islam

06.04.2015 / 4419

Modern students try to learn every manifestation of the world around best they can , so they can have a better understanding of different parts of the Ukrainian society. General introduction to Islam became one of the things on to-do-list for students of Zaporizhzhya State Medical university, and Mr.Muhammad Mamutov, Imam at the mosque of local Islamic Cultural Centre, volunteered to help them and invited the young people for an excursion.

He met the first-year students of April 2. The Imam showed the future doctors around the mosque and the centre, told them about the centre’s work, events, lessons and meetings. He told general information about Islam, its basis and Muslims’ everyday practices as well as peculiarities of their everyday life.

The programme, however, wasn’t limited to that, and the guests could ask every question they found interesting and get an extended answer and explanation.

Such “en situ” classes help not only to understand some or other religion’s basics in general, but also to meet its adepts, which gives a wonderful opportunity to learn the impact this religion has on people’s views, morals and everyday life.


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