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Master-Classes On Cooking At “Maryam” — Keep On Top Of Announcements!

29.01.2015 / 922

A recent idea on hosting master-classes on cooking at the WOmen’s Development Centre “Maryam” is put in action, gathering the lovers of original and exotic, for everage Ukrainian, dishes. The volunteers held three master-classes already, on Crimean Tatar chebureks (mutton pies), manty (oriental dumplings), and an making different types of sushi. The oriental dumplings, be the way, were cooked not only for fun, but for treating the Ukrainian soldiers who were wounded in the ATO zone and are now recreating at the Military Hospital.

Information of the upcoming master-classes is to be published at “Maryam” Facebook page, keep on top of the announcements!

Everyone in welcome to participate, regardless their faith, as such events are meant not as some closed-door party, but rather as get-togethers for getting to know each other and friendly communication, a chance to learn something new and share your own experience.

The master-classes are free of charge, in cases, however, when the ingredients are expensive, the participants donate a small sum of money to a fundraiser, so that to purchase the products.

Two master-classes per month are planned at the moment, however this can be re-scheduled if there’s many people willing both to teach and to be taught. Everybody is welcome!


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