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Sumy Muslim Students Continue Collecting Warm Clothing For Internally Displaced Persons

16.12.2014 / 905
Many people think that “poor students are themselves in the need of support, whom and what material assistance they can provide?” But the volunteers of Sumy Social organisation “Druzhba” (Ukr. “Friendship”) can’t agree with that. Four young Muslim men spent the whole month calling their campus mates to revise their clothes, blankets and footwear, for they knew that there were people who were forced to flee their homes with almost nothing of their possessions, and that those people now found shelter at Sumy nursing home.
The students collected the donated clothes, put them to shape and sorted them. Having gathered 50 full bags, they hired a transport and brought those things to those who need them badly. The benefit, however, is not over: the young people are very committed to the idea and continue collecting warm things, so the hope for further cooperation which the facility’s administration mentioned in their Letter of Gratitude is not a simple figure of speech.
It is well known that most families, running for their lives from the area of military action, could take only their hand-luggage with them, which they preferred to fill with children’s things mostly — having thought of themselves after all of the others. The “temporary resettlement”, however, lasts long, and here come the problems with the lack of warm clothing and blankets and footwear which are too expensive for their tiny budgets.


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