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Launching Collection Of Clothes And Household Things For The Internally Resettled People: Let’s Help Those Who Lost Their Homes!

12.12.2014 / 782
Today our volunteers brought the aid they collected (clothes, footwear, plates and flatware) to the Reception Station for helping the internally displaced people (9/11 Frolivska Str.) The expedition was leaded by Mr.Said Ismagilov, Mufti of RAMU “Umma”, who was forced to resettle himself and for that reason he understands his companions in misfortune like no other.
From this day on, RAMU “Umma”, along with Women Social Organisation “Maryam”, launch the process of collecting things for the resettled people at Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre. Besides warm clothing and footwear, dishware there is a constant need of children’s and adult’s diapers, feminine items, baby powders and infant formula milk, cookware (those may be pre used), household chemicals, office supplies, heaters, small appliances (microwaves, electric kettles, hairdryers). Bed linen and towels are also needed badly. And umbrellas, of course.
All this can be brought to Kyiv ICC and handed over to the women’s department administrator Ms.Tatyana Shcherbak (daily 10AM - 5PM, Tuesday and Sunday are days-off). Please lick your things into shape before donating them: wash and iron them, if some sewing is needed - do it. Note that pre-used socks, stockings and underwear are not accepted!
All the collected Items will be sorted and, when the stock is big enough, delivered to 9/11 Frolivska Str.


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