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Pupils Of Gymnasium “Our Future” Went For Their First Excursion. Park “Kievan Rus”

10.10.2014 / 952

Gymnasium “Our Future” facilitated its first excursion this week. In terms of celebrating the Qurban-Bayram, the teachers decided to give the children an interesting History lesson, where you can touch, try and examine everything. Thus 50 people, both the pupils and the escort went to the Park “Kievan Rus”.

Children aged 6 to 13 eagerly listened to narrator’s tale about ancient Slavonic culture and everyday life, history of Kyiv and building the town and fortifications. They could see the width and depth of the fosse and the thickness of the town walls, went through the massive gate and along the fortifications, learned the principles of pale fencing and guard service on the observation towers, etc.

The narrator, dressed in a replica of ancient clothing, both spoke and showed: sword fighting techniques, configuration of springalds and interior of the houses. The boys eagerly took the test whether they are of age to start their military training yet: in the ancient Rus the father gave his son his sword to lift with one hand and hold in horizontal position. A boy was considered of age when he was capable to do so. The first-year pupils couldn’t lift it with one hand at all, not to mention holding, while the seventh-year schoolboys proudly demonstrated they are strong enough to start the training.

As the excursion was quite durable, the kids ate their lunch brought by their adult escort with great appetite. The impressions of the day were fulfilled by riding horces.


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