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Charity Iftar For Displaced People From Crimea

16.07.2014 / 1064

About 80 Crimean Muslims, mostly women and children, now live in the town of Kalinovka, Vinnitsya region. Volunteers from the social organisation “Al-Isra” decided to facilitate a charity iftar for those people. According to the Head of the organisation, Mr.Musa Salim, they wanted to make it in the most comfortable way for the displaced people, so they brought all the necessary ingredients right to Kalinovka and cooked the food there. After joint Maghreb prayer and iftar the volunteers had an informal chat with Crimean people.

The “Al-Isra” volunteers noted that they are planning to make another iftar in Kalinovka some time soon. The programme also includes an open lesson by Shaikh Rasim Dervishev, Perm

Iftars at Vinnitsya ICC, according to Mr.Salim, are held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


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