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Centre For Women’s Development “Maryam” Offers Facilities For Spiritual, Cultural And Physical Improvement

03.09.2014 / 929

Centre for Women’s Development, functioning within Female Social Organisation “Maryam”, invites female visitors of Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre to attend classes that can both develop spirituality and intellect, and improve physical shape.

Fitness-club “Zdorovya” (“Health”) offers not only regular physical training, but also advice on healthy living and nutrition. The lessons are held in two groups: the first one exercises on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (lessons begin at 9AM), and the second one — on Tuesday, Thursday (lessons begin at 5PM) and Saturday (begins at 10AM).

Lessons of Tajweed and learning the Qur’an by heart are held in three groups; one of them unites those whose Arabic is fluent. Arabic-speaking students have lessons on Saturday and Sunday (begin at 10AM). Two non-Arabic-speaking groups have three lessons per week each: one on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (at 1:30PM) and the other — on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (at 5PM).

Besides, lectures on spiritual topics are held after the Jumah prayer every Friday, with tea-party and communication afterwards.

Lectures with further workgroups are held every Saturday (beginning at 1PM).

Additional events are to be announced separately. For instance, a lecture by Shaikh Haydar Al-Hajj on peculiarities of preparing the dead person for burial and the afterlife is to begin at 3:30PM this Saturday, September 6.


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