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New Muslims In Transcarpathia: Seminar, Acquaintances And Plans

12.08.2014 / 1238
An Annual cultural-educational seminar for new Muslims is held be All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organisations “Alraid” these days, and will last until August 15. This time the new Muslims went to Transcarpathia, where they found not only beautiful nature, but a rather diversified programme of educating and entertaining events as well. During five days the girls will not only learn the basics of Islam, but also how to make ablution and pray, some peculiarities of living in a Muslim community and, of course, have a wonderful time together.
The participants’ geographe is traditionally broad: several regions of Ukraine and a neighbouring country were represented, such as Kyiv, Odessa, Khmel’nitskyi, Zaporizhzhya, Kryvyi Rih and Even Minsk (Belarus). At the same time, the women easily found common ground and started their active participation in the seminar.
Besides lectures on basics, culture and fiqh of Islam, the girls learn how to perform ablution and prayers, the concept of outer and inner hijab, and spend time with their coherents. The participants can ask questions they are interested in, and clarify some religious rules they don’t understand, so they’re quite active both at the lectures and at the practical studies.
This year, the seminar is held in Transcarpathia, one of the most picturesque places of Ukraine. Fresh mountain air, unspoiled nature and spring water make the event, apart from informative, healthy as well. The participants spend their free time in the open air; they walk and talk to each other. The lecturers eagerly give open-air lessons, to make them even a more pleasure for the audience to attend.
Some participants expressed their wish to take part in other similar seminars and other social initiatives by the AUASO “Alraid” in the future; they even made a list of topics to discuss at their potential meetings in the future.


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