Will Power Afoot: Two Students Won Prizes In Several Categories Of A Qur’an Reciting Contest

08.05.2014 / 1045

A Qur’an reciting contest at Vinnitsa Islamic Cultural Centre revealed the best of the city’s Arabic-speaking male reciters. The participants competed in three categories, namely Surah 18 (“The Cave”), Surah 36 (“Yaseen”) and Surah 67 (“Kingdom”). Two dozen participants were estimated by the jury of Shaikh Imad Abu-r-Rubb from Kyiv and Head of the Social Organisation “Al-Isra” Mr. Musa Salim.

Some participants managed to win prizes in several categories at a time. Thus, Mr. Ukasha Hasan won the first place in the first category and the second place of the second category, and the silver-prizer of the first category Mr. Ramzi AbuDalal also became the best reciter of the third category.

In general, the list of prize-winners looked like this: I category: Ukasha Hasan, Ramzi AbuDalyal, Muhammad AtTaher; II category: Muhammad Awwal, Ukasha Hasan, Ibrahim AbuDakka; III category: Ramzi AbuDalal, Muhammad AbuSneine, Suab AbuNisbah. All the prize-winners received valuable rizes.

Similar contest for women is to be held in the end of the month, “Al-Usra” welcomes everyone willing to try their luck; please approach the Vinnitsa ICC for more details.


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