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I.Gasprinskii: “Education Ensures Progress In Traditional Islamic Communities”

17.04.2014 / 843

A seminar on life and heritage of Mr. Ismail Gasprali (Gasprinskii), who published the first pan-turkic newspaper “Terjiman” in the Russian Empire, was held at the Simferopol Islamic Cultural Centre on April 14. Interest for this person wasn’t random — a 100th anniversary since this prominent Turkic educator and public figure died, and UNESCO participates in celebrating the life of Gaspirali by placing his name on the list of "Celebration of Anniversaries in 2014," which includes eminent personalities whose anniversaries are observed by Member States of the United Nations.

The event, facilitated by the Social organisation “Emel”, caused a vivid interest among the Crimean Tatar youth interested in their nation’s history and culture.

A two-hour lecture by Ms. Gulnara Seitvanieva who is theorist of literature and professor of Tavric National University, gathered an audience of more than 60 people. Journalists and representatives of Crimean social organisations attended the seminar as well.

The guests learned about some of Mr. Gasprinskii’s works on the problems the Russian Empire’s Muslim nations faced in the end of XIX. Author gives a complex analysis of his coreligionists’ situation and tries to find the reason for the national cultures’ meltdown. He announced that only education ensures progress in traditional Islamic communities.


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