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A Cemetery Volunteer Clean-Up Held By “Emel” Activists

25.11.2013 / 1100

Activists of the Crimean Youth Social Organisation “Emel” held a volunteer clean-up at the Sofievka village cemetery (Simferopol district) within the framework of their project for accomplishing mosques and cemeteries. “We hold several events of that kind each year,” - the head of “Emel”, Ms. Muslim Dervishev, said.

In early November they held a volunteer event at the grounds of the future mosque at Gvardeiskoe town, and then went on with cemeteries.

The activists announced fundraising on their pages in social networks in order to purchase all the necessary materials for replacing the ruined fence of the cemetery.

“It’s a rare occasion, unfortunately, that local people join us. This time, however, was different: Aider Bekirov and Arsen Aliev joined us and were very helpful. They provided assistance in purchasing materials and delivering them. I’d like to thank these people,” - Mr. Dervishev added.

The activists fixed and replaced the fence posts and stretched 70 meters of wire mesh. This was not enough, so young people stretched wire between the remaining fence post to mark the territory and promised to get the lacking wire mesh and complete the fence.


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