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V All-Ukrainian Qur’an Reciters’ Contest: Competition with the Soul Component

08.11.2013 / 1351
It’s been the fifth year in a row that the building of Simferopol Islamic Cultural Centre hosted a Contest for the best Holy Qur’an Reciters from all over Ukraine. The competition took place on November 2 and lasted for 5 hours. It was initiated and facilitated by AUASO “Alraid”, RAM of Crimea and World Qur’an Organisation.
More than 40 young men and ladies of different ages were looking forward to meeting equal championship match. Every participant came to the jury’s table and picked a card where  pages of Qur’an and numbers of verses. One of the jury began reading the chapter and the participant had to proceed the declamation. One had to score at least 90 of 100 in order to win the first place in each category.
Qur’an is Back in Crimea After Being Abandoned for Almost a Century
Mr. Seiran Arifov, the Head of AUASO “Alraid” Checkup Committee thanked Allah Almighty and the facilitators and stressed the importance of such competitions as a motivation for the youth to study the Holy Book, as youngsters enjoy competing.
Besides, the fact that there are more and more hafidh on the peninsula after the Qur’an had been abandoned for almost a century in Crimea (because the medrese and the mosques were closed and ruined, people having religious knowledge persecuted and in the end the whole nation of Crimean tatars was deported) cannot but bring joy to every Muslim.
The Competent Jury’s Verdict
Decision of awarding the winners of the contest was made by the competent members of the jury, namely Mr. Fatih Karaburj, director of Charity Fund “Merhamet”, deputy Mufti of the RAMC Mr. Esad Bairov, head of Kharkiv Islamic Cultural Centre Mr. Shadi Othman, Head of Luhansk Islamic Cultural Centre Mr. Muhammad Al-Ustaz and Imam-Khatib of Simferopol Islamic Cultural Centre Mosque Mr. Seytqadyr Ibrahimov.
Mr. Sardobek Saifutdinov won the first place in the category of one juz. This 21-year-old participant impressed everybody with the beauty of his elocution.
Ms. Arzy Arifova was the one to win the 2-juz category.
Ms. Nasreen Alqasas was the best in half of the Qur’an.
Nobody scored more than 90 points in categories of 5 and 10 juz.
Mr. Ahmed Asanov became the undisputed champion: he was the best in knowing the whole Holy Book.
Mr. Ali Muhammad Taha, Head of AUASO “Alraid” Crimean branch, congratulated the winners and awarded them with valuable prizes, i.e. PC-tabs and money prizes. Besides, each participant received a copy of the Holy Qur’an and a Participation Certificate.
The Jury were presented with valuable gifts, too.
Fifth All-Ukrainian Qur’an Reciters’ Contest


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