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Teenagers On Emotional Topics: Sincere Friendship And “A Prince On A Tall White Horse”

14.10.2013 / 1516
How many people dream of a good friend — but how many of them are eager to develop qualities of a good friend themselves? Isn’t is the lack of those qualities that leads to impossibility of finding new friends and high risk of losing the friends one already has? Female participants of the Simferopol Islamic Cultural Centre Training For teenagers studied cautionary tales and their own experiences to find out what qualities one needs for developing a fruitful friendship.
“Solitude In A Crowd”
What is friendship and how one can make friends? Based upon a variety of books of “friend-making recipes”, we are a society of lonely people in our informational era. Solitude in a crowd brings down even more than solitude in a desert. One makes an image of a perfect friend in their head and imagines his or her accomplishments — and goes through a lot of stress when realising this “perfect friend” is impossible to find.
But how many people making fantasies of their future friend’s accomplishments are trying their best to develop those accomplishments themselves? During the training held by the “Noor” female NGO Psychologist Elina Dervisheva the young female Muslim participants were to ask themselves some questions, such as — “Can I, myself, be the perfect friend I dream of? Can I be a friend in need? Can I, at least, keep a secret?”
“A Prince On A Tall White Horse”
An emotional topic of behaving towards the opposite sex entitled with this phrase, ironical at first sight, had been raised by Samia Arada, a lecturer from Kyiv female NGO “Maryam”. The girls could ask her about the matters of their concern and the bounds of decency a young Muslim girl should remain within while talking to boys and cooperating with them; and how one can find herself a worthy husband so that their marriage would not only result in a happy life, but also made the Lord pleased with them.
Training facilitators and participants spent the second day of the event in the open air and went to the Nikitskiy Botanical Garden. Those were of the last warm and sunny days this year, and everybody just enjoyed good weather. “If it’s so beautiful in here, — how beautiful is the Paradise, then?” — asked one of the girls in her excitement.


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