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«And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah, and be not divided among yourselv» (Quran, 3:103)

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24.10.2013 / 2047
As reported earlier, one of the two greatest Muslim feasts — Eid al-Adha — began at Islamic Cultural Centres of different Ukrainian cities with a festive prayer on October 15. Some social organisations, however, didn’t confine themselves to that, so the festive events lasted for several days. The Crimeans became the record-breakers, as last of their events took place as late as on October 21.
⅓ of all 320 finest sheep and cows was handed to the poor as soon as during the second festive day. Besides, two festive events facilitated by “Emel” and “Noor” social organisations with support of AUASO “Alraid” took place at Simferopol ICC.
On October 17 Female Social Organisation “Noor” gathered more than 250 women and children for a festive programme. Nasheeds and national songs in Crimean Tatar language were performed a-capella, while the participants of one of the best Crimean tatar Childrens’ Dancing Assembles “Güldeste” performed some national dances. There have also been some educating games devoted to performing the Hajj ceremonies so that the children could learn and remember pilgrim’s actions and their meaning in a readily understandable format.
Every child received a set of sweets and cotton candies after the concert . A bouncy castle settled in the ICC yard was, no doubt, a star turn for every little Muslim. Everybody was invited for dinner after the event had been over.
Childrens’ Dancing Assembles “Güldeste” gave another performance at the festive event by youth social organisation “Emel”. They danced "Kokkoz haytarması", "Çoban oyünı" and "Özen boyü", the Crimean tatar traditional dances. During the breaks the audience (about 60 young men and girls) were entertained by different contests. Not only the winners received prizes, the most active participants were awarded, too. The event ended with a traditional sweet buffet.
Muhammad Alustaz, the Cathedral Mosque Imam, explained the meaning of both the feast Eid-al-Adha and Hajj ceremonies in his interview for local “irtaFAX Luhansk” TV Channel. He said we can find a wonderful example to follow in those stories, an example of ultimate and steadfast faith and trust in God, Who won’t give up His obedient slaves in their mischiefs and problems. One has to learn how to rely on Him, and, at the same time, to their best to improve their situation.
The parishioners say that the promiscuity of the local community is no problem at all, as “We all gather here together, as we are of the same religion. Your routs are not that important — both ethnic, territory, social class — as we all are brothers and sisters in faith, Muslims and Muslimahs, and we are very glad to have each other around on this day.”
Kharkiv Muslims’ celebration also lasted several days. After the festive prayer, visited by about 600 believers, everybody was invited to attend the festive concert that evening. Every child got gift and sweets.
Two concerts began at the very same time: one for adults (where nasheeds were performed and the children were spouting poetry and a play staged) and one for kids (with interesting games, contests and presents for little Muslims).
Another event, this time for Muslim women, took place on the third festive day.
Eid al-Adha at Simferopol ICC


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