Traditional Benefit “Iftaar For Those Who Are Fasting” For Helping Poor Held in Crimea

17.07.2013 / 943

Activists of AUASO “Alraid” local office in Crimea brought 150 grocery baskets to poor families and families taking care of orphans all over the Crimean peninsula. The benefit was held on July 14 and 15, 2013.

Such events are annual, they are held with the support of “Ar-Rahma Al-Alamiya” NGO in Kuwait and Zakat House of Kuwait in order to provide the poor Muslims with necessary food for the whole month of Ramadan and encourage them to fasting. Another aim is to implement the Islamic principles of brotherhood and mutual support.

Grocery Baskets For Those In Need

The groceries are delivered to people who approached AUASO “Alraid” seeking help during the previous year,  orphans and other people receiving pensions from “Alraid”. The activists of the Association call each family several days before Ramadan to find out whether they need a grocery basket.

150 grocery baskets were delivered this year. The number of applications was even higher, but unfortunately the project’s budget didn’t allow to meet everybody’s needs, so the project team had to choose people who needed help the most.

Each basket contained 10 kg of sugar, 5 kg of rice, 5 kg of buckwheat, 5 kg of dates, 8 kg of pasta, 10 kg of onion, 5 l of sunflower oil and 7 kg of cookies.

AUASO “Alraid” focused distribution of target-focused aid in Crimea as the peninsula is a place of residence for about 500 000 Crimean Tatars, many of them just returned from the forced deportation (took place in 1944) and now are on the breadline. Such events are part of the complex charity project frequently executed on the peninsula.


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