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«And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah, and be not divided among yourselv» (Quran, 3:103)

The role and the status of a woman in the Ukrainian society in the eyes of female residents of Odesa

15.03.2013 / 1237

A round table for women, organized by the Women’s Department ща Social Organisation “Al-Masar”, was held on March 12, 2013. Its organizers and participants discussed woman’s role and status in the Ukrainian society.

This important issue concerns Muslim women and not only them, as the discussion was joined by Mrs. Tamila Afanasiyeva, chairwoman of the Public Council at the Odessa regional public administration; Mrs. Rita Kolobova, head of the charitable foundation “AVE”; Mrs. Aleftina Podorozhnaya, deputy-principal of the boarding school No 1; Mrs. Svetlana Penzova, a journalist of “New Odessa” TV channel, and other honored guests.

Women with double burden on the shoulders

Women face challenges of the contemporary urbanized society on a par with men. Apart from protection of family home, maternity and great many other household matters, the society put additional responsibilities on their fragile shoulders, like contribution to family (material) support and the need to follow trends and models regarded as “fashionable” in a current season.

In fact, much more is expected from women than from men, as a woman in a job place is looked at as not only a colleague, but also as office “decoration”. This is exacerbated by the so called “emancipation”, implemented in practice through putting even more male responsibilities on women’s shoulders under the allegedly fair and just slogan “to equalize women with men in everything”.

Mary, mother of Jesus: a worthy model for all the Ukrainian mothers

All the participants agreed that each woman is mother in the first place, and realization of this role has much stronger effects for our future than the other activities of her, as it is mothers who bring up next generations who will guide social development in future.

An exemplar a good mother for virtually each Ukrainian woman can be Mary, mother of Jesus (may be peace upon him). This character is near and dear to Christians and Muslims alike.


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