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Secrets of family harmony discussed at seminar in Kyiv Islamic Cultural Center

20.02.2013 / 1518

It was on February 16 that the Islamic Cultural Center of Kyiv hosted a seminar for Muslim couples entitled “Two hearts earning for Paradise”. The overcrowded conference hall of the Center, accommodating more than 100 persons, was an evidence for genuine interest shown by Kyiv Muslims.

The event organizers were the Family Department of "Alraid" and the Women Organisation “Maryam”. The seminar program consisted of two lectures and a thematic training “Solutions for family discord”.

The first speaker was Mr. Ismail Kady, imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of Kiev, who delivered the lecture “Ways to preserve Islamic values in the family”.

The imam said: “We must remember that Islam is not a mere religion but a way of life. What should be a family that has chosen Islam is the way of life? The main values for such families are love for Allah and His Messenger and pleasure of the Most High. To have these values preserved, a couple needs to exert every possible effort to follow instructions of Prophet Muhammad (may be peace and blessings upon him) and commands of the Most High, and to teach the children to do so”.

The second lecture “Family of Prophet as the best model for family relations” was delivered by Mr. Muhammad Al-Ustaz, imam of the Central Mosque (the city of Luhansk). He drew the couples’ attention to the importance of building relations within the family by ways practiced in the family of Allah’s Messenger (may be peace and blessings upon him).

The concluding part of the seminar was devoted to a training led by Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ustaz where the participants were offered to find a solution for the situation existing in a supposed family.  After that he told that similar cases had really occurred in daily life of Islamic scholars, rulers, companions of Prophet Muhammad (may be peace and blessings upon him), and showed ways these troubles had been settled thanks to trust between the spouses, their wisdom and strong faith in Allah.

The couples were leaving the seminar in elevated spirits, with words of gratitude to the lecturers for fascinating and instructive stories.

Short-term plans of the Women Organisation “Maryam”, related with issues of Muslim family and education and upbringing of children, include a series of family events with invited professionals from Ukraine and abroad.


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