Libraries of Ukraine were grateful to receive the book: “Muhammad: Man and Prophet”

25.02.2013 / 2332

The interest invoked by the book “Muhammad: Man and Prophet”.published by “Ansar Foundation”encouraged AASOAlraidadministration to implement in work schedule republishing of the book with the large edition.

In a short time we got comments from the Ukrainian libraries that got the copies of this scientific research before. Some of them are mentioned below:

“With no doubt, this book should be informative for everyone who is interested in Islamic creed. We are thankful to you with a hope to receive such interesting editions in the future”.

“We sincerely thank you for the given publication to our library that should become a valuable source of scientific information for students, teachers and our University research associates”.

“We express sincere thanks to you for the given book «Muhammad: Man and Prophet».

 by Adil Salahi. Such deed - is the evidence of your concerns about the culture in general and libraries in particular. Thanks to you this publication carried in the inventory book and to the library catalog, should be available for our library readers”.

About the publication

The translation of the book of the famous Islamic scientist and journalist Adil Salahi “Muhammad: Man and Prophet”had been providing by the publisher “Ansar Foundation” during three years. The present publication is attractive not only for its biographical facts which one can get from any other sources but primarily for its literal interpretation of provided facts from the point of view of Shariah discussed nowadays.

The publication is useful and informative both for Muslims and for Non-Muslims, as it’s written in clear language with all details and interpretations, expanded commentaries and also with transcriptions of the used terms.

The first edition (1000 of copies) was sent to the state libraries and universities of different Ukrainian cities and to theAASOAlraidCultural Centers librariesand all incorporated social organizations.  

The book should be available in electronic format on the web-site: section “Books”.To download the book in PDF format you can click here. 


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