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Alraid’s productive start of the year

12.01.2021 / 30

Once again Kyiv ICC has distributed grocery baskets to needy families.

The containment measures applied in the country about a year ago have seriously affected large and low-income families’ livehoods ― such people need almost constant help and support.

“We are well aware of the situation many our fellow believers have found themselves in,” says Ismail Kady, head of Kyiv ICC, “that’s why we decided to keep supporting people in need”.

By and at the cost of ICC congregants, and several benefactors, ICC purchased basic foods. This time they have helped almost 200 families from Kyiv and Kyiv oblast.

 “This is a standard food set,” says Ismail Kady. “It includes sunflower oil, rice, pasta, sugar, tea, dates. Also, this time we have handed over several kilograms of meat to each family.”

For most of those who came to the ICC on Saturday, January 9, that was a tangible support indeed. 

“We have a big family, and it is very difficult now, within the quarantine measures. Last time we ate meat on Kurban. Here was a handing out in the Islamic Cultural Centre – that day we received meat here. Now, thank the Almighty, we have got a food aid again and we are glad to have meat,” reluctantly admits Amina (name has been changed. ― Ed.).

According to the benefit organizers, the handing out of food baskets is to be held in several regions of Ukraine.


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