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When Attention is as Needed as Presents: “Maryam” Activists Visit Hospice in Skybyn

09.05.2019 / 23

On the threshold of Ramadan, Muslimahs from Women’s Organisation “Maryam”, along with male volunteers from Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre, visited Hospice in Skybyn village (Brovary District, Kyiv region). They brought along some groceries, personal care products and bed linen (there’s lack of bed linen in the Hospice, moreover,  five of the patients are bedridden).

Still, the patients got something as needed as presents, namely simplehuman company.  Everyone has a painful story to tell, for all of the patients are internally displaced persons, elderly and critically ill from the occupied territories of Ukraine. They have critical need for care and support, and especially some hearing ears.

According to Mr.Oleh Horbachov, Head of the Hospice, legally, they have some relatives on the government-controlled territories, and thus receive no government support. Actually, those relatives are hardly ever seen, unless at funerals — as a rule, that’s the only time the hospice workers do see them.

The facility is open for everyone, but only those in severe need stay longer than a week or two, for that time is enough so that the modest living conditions scare away any freebie lover.

As of today, the hospice is donations-subsidized, and they rent both the building and the land — so finding an investor who’d help them buy the property is a high priority. Most of the donations are spent on food and utilities.


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