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Warm Relief-2017: Cooperation with German Muslimehelfen Underway!

30.12.2017 / 1332

Poor people gathered again at Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre on 29 December, for they were invited to receive warm gifts in terms of Warm Relief benefit, again sponsored by German Muslims from Muslimehelfen. On that day, 70 internally displaced families from Crimea and Donbas, and even two families of Syrian refugees, received either an electric heater (30 families) or warm blankets (plus pillows; 40 families) at their choice.

The benefit has just begun: in early 2018, such giveaways are to be held at other Alraid Islamic Cultural Centres in the regions with high density of internally displaced persons.

This was not the first benefit of that kind: in late 2016 — early 2017, for instance, heaters and blankets were also given to the IDPs, and people in great need also received grocery baskets containing essential foods for one month. Grocery baskets with essentials (contained 5 kg sugar, 5 kg onions, 5 kg rice, 5 kg buckwheat, 5 kg pasta, 5 l sunflower oil, 2 kg dates, 0.5 kg tea, 3 kg cookies, 0.5 kg dried apricot, 3 kg mandarins and 5 kg apples) were also sponsored by Muslimehelfen on the eve of Ramadan last summer, so that the poor people could concentrate on worshipping God instead of worrying about how to provide their families with nutritious and healthy meals before and after each day of fasting in terms of limited family budget.


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