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UNDP Trainings On Developing Social Cohesion: Having Learned It, Teach Someone Else!

11.02.2016 / 1017

Muslims of Zaporizhzhya highly appreciated the experience they gained during the workshops by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project Rapid Response to Social and Economic Issues of Internally Displaced People in Ukraine, sponsored by the Government of Japan, that they decided to give provide other people with this opportunity as well.

This time, Zaporizhzhya ICC Imam Muhammad Mamutov and Head of All-Ukrainian Committee on Women and Children of the AUASO “Alraid” TAnzilya Isa were organisators, not participants. In close cooperation with the UNDP, they held a similar two-day training (on February 8-9), having invited both fellow-Muslims and other persons interested, fifty-fifty. The participants could extend their social knowledge and skills, make new contacts, learn how to use given methods in different life situations and work on conflict management without wearing out emotionally.

Such workshops aim to link formal and informal leaders of the local communities and Internally displaced persons, and help them gain necessary skills for dialogue and build capacity to respond to the IDPs issues and will promote reconciliation and social cohesion. They laid stress on various trainings, including the ones on communication, providing people in state of shock with first Psychological aid, dealing with Psychic traumas , and learning methods of developing dialogue between different social groups.


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