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Restaurant “Family House”: Tasty, Cozy, Accostable, Halal!

28.07.2015 / 1111

A solemn opening of a new halal restaurant took place at Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre on July 24. About a thousand visitors had a possibility to fully appreciate its cozy atmosphere, courtesy of the staff and delicious cuisine since then. THe restaurant is a nice place to go for both Muslims and Non-Muslims — for everyone who appreciates tasty and healthy food and a chance to spend their time in relaxed surrounding with no alcohol or tobacco smoke flaunting around.

Family House has a capacity of 90 people and is very convenient for both family meals (highchairs are proposed to couples with small children), business negotiations and dining with friends. Several tables or even half of the room can be staked out with a folding screen. The cuisine will satisfy different tastes: here you can order Ukrainian, European and Middle Eastern dishes.

Mr.Hussam Issa, the director, strongly encourages the visitors to try Northern African dishes: the Chef was born and raised in Tunisia, and he knows many authentic recipes of peoples inhabiting Maghrib.

Opening date was well-chosen, as it is on Friday when Islamic Cultural Centre has maximum visitors. So last Friday people coming out after the Friday prayer were pleasantly surprised to see waiters in their clear starched uniforms and white gloves offering them to attend a fourchette, which at the same time became presentation of the cooking team’s skills.

About 600 people duly appreciated mutton couscous with vegetables and sauce, different kinds of sandwiches and natural lemonade of lime and honey, juice and sweets.

ICC’s regular visitors, however, appreciated the cooking skills of the team long ago, as the restaurant has been running in a test mode during the whole month of Ramadan, cooking free iftar meals for about 800 persons and suhoor meals for those who stayed at the mosque overnight. Besides, it’s the restaurant team who cook meals for the students of Gymnasium “Our Future” housed by ICC.


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