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Iftar Baskets For Needy People

01.07.2015 / 2239

Who “Alraid” Islamic Cultural Centres held charitable events on helping the needy families and internally displaced persons with the provision last week.

In Kharkiv this charity was given to 250 families, after a short preaching on the accomplishments of worship during Ramadan. In terms of charitable event “Compassion” each family received a grocery basket containing rice, buckwheat, wheat grits, oil, pasta, flour, sugar, tea and condensed milk. Such grocery baskets allow those poor people to save some money, as they spend most of their family budget on food and utility bills.

Two days later, a similar event was held in Kyiv, where larger grocery baskets were presented to internally displaced families. This time the quantity was more: the packages of 60 kg each contained oil, wholegrain cereals, pasta, flour,  tea, sugar and dried fruit. This must be enough for the entire month of Ramadan.

The funds for this were raised by local Muslims and Qatar Charity Social Organisation.

Unfortunately, the benefactors were limited in means, so they had to make a difficult choice — because all the internally displaced persons had to start their life from zero, being unable to take much of their belongings with them when fleeing from their homes. Large families and families who lost their bread-winners for some reason, however, have more hardships, and often literally have not a piece of bread on the table, so, having estimated their possibilities, the charity facilitators decided to help those families first of all.


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